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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More than half way to the weekend now!

Not that I'm counting!

Once again I am not able to post pictures today as they are on my phone, and my stupid work computer won't let me upload them. I will give them to my darling husband tonight to email to me tomorrow.
Last night we went out to dinner (again!) as the kitchen is still in a partially finished state with dust EVERYWHERE! Although they are progressing quite quickly - I think they might actually finish on time by end of day tomorrow.
But, for now, we eat out. Last night we hit Bodeans - an American BBQ restaurant near us. They specialize in meat - ribs, steak, and pulled pork and fantastic onion rings!!!!!!!!!! They also make their own bbq sauce which is so good I think I ate more of that than actual pulled pork. And to top off a great meal the manager gave us both coupons for 15% off our next visit - fantastic! I love when you actually get good service in London - Bodeans has fantastic staff!

Now - my gripes of the day
1. how many times can a stapler be stolen from my desk drawer? the count is now on 3!
2. my gym has too many members and it's starting to annoy me, I called this morning to book in for a class tonight and it's already full - I'm booking WAY ahead of time from now on!
3. no one probably cares - but I am really really annoyed with the story line on the OC (american teenage soap), I was so mad with the storyline last night that I actually threatened the tv that I may not watch that show again (ok, I will - but I still HATE the way they're going with the storylines!) But I can't say any exact details on here as I don't want to ruin the upcoming plot for my sister in law, as I know Australia is quite a few weeks behind the UK with their episodes!
4. I feel old. My auntie Joni sent me prom pictures of my 'little' (i.e. 17) year old cousin Johnny's first prom - ahhhhhh he looks so grown up! I remember changing his diapers! He was the first baby I ever babysat at the very mature age of 10. Wow time flies!

And one positive thing - it is a GORGEOUS day in London today - I wish I was out lying in the park reading my book right now!


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