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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I LOVE Bank Holidays!

Ahhh who doesn't love having an extra day off of work.
I thought the reason we had May 1 off was to celebrate spring, apparently it is also traditionally the day that the 'May Day Rally Parade' takes place from Trafalgar Square down the Strand.
Murray and I went into the city for a bit of shopping yesterday and came across the May day parade, we stood and watched as people marched by with banners - the groups ranged from transport and teachers unions, to communists, socialists and of course anarchists.
I was pleased to see our local council was represented
(I apologise for the tiny photo - it is from my camera phone - and I JUST today figured out how to change the settings to take normal sized photos)

That's the 'Wandsworth Stop the War' banner

After a bit of shopping we enjoyed an early dinner at our Favourite little restaurant The Cafe Creperie near Selfridges. There's just nothing better than sitting under a heater in fairly good weather enjoying the crisp clear sky, fantastic people watching, and tex mex and chicken & asapargus crepes..... bring on summer!
We also thought it was extremely polite that the structure in the middle of the square was decorated with spring flowers and announced the opening hours for the 'public convenience' - such a polite way to say toilet - lovely


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