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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dave Matthews comes to London

Ahhhhh Dave what a great performance last night!
We saw Dave Matthews perform at a small venue (compared to the places he plays in Ameirca!) that fits only a few thousand people last night. He did seem a bit upset that people kept yelling things to him though (those darn Americans!). Towards the beginning someone yelled out 'Hey Dave, I'm from (insert American state).' He replied 'I didn't come here to see Americans, I came here to see British people.' ha ha
Even though (I admit it!) I'm not a huge Dave Matthews fan, I was really impressed by him.
Only a really talented performer can entertain a crowd for 2 hours - just him & his guitar. And wow was his guitar playing fantastic - amazing how one person can make an instrument sound like a bunch of people playing at once. And his singing voice was like straight off a record - amazing. His speaking voice on the other hand was ummmm interesting?
He did sound a bit out of it.
But - overall - I give the performance an A+++
We were annoyed though that the people around us were 'talkers.' I just do NOT understand why you would pay to go see someone perform, then talk the whole time! How annoying!
I do still hold dear to my heart the time I met Dave though - back in 2001 literally days after I moved to London. My husband found out he was playing a little gig at the Virgin Megastore in Central London, and I got there JUST in time to squeeze in downstairs with a few hundred other people (mostly Americans of course). He played 5 or 6 acoustic songs, then I stood in line for 2 hours to get his autograph! It was worth it though as he said to me 'who know what could have been, too bad I have a wife' he he. The I asked him to please sign my album ' to Murray. '


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