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Friday, May 26, 2006

American Idol Spoiler :(

I am so disappointed in the free paper I read every morning (the metro). Last night Murray said - don't read the metro, they might give away who won American Idol. I had faith in my daily news blurb - I said 'NO, they won't do that to us, they know the final isn't on here until tonight.'
Lo and behold, there was a full page article - I didn't read it, but I saw the picture of who won. Boooo hoooo:( I won't talk about it here though so not to ruin it for my UK friends.
Oh well, I'm still looking forward to watching the show tonight!

I was a bit melancholy this morning when I got onto the tube for the last time at East Putney. I am one of those sad people who know exactly where to stand on the platform so I can get onto the carriage that will drop me off right by the stairs at Earl's Court when I change trains. I shouldn't be too sad, because we'll still be in Putney (and closer to our god child & friends YAY!). But I'm still sad we'll be leaving this ridiculously big for London flat. We were talking last night about how it will be weird sleeping in our new room tomorrow night - will feel like a little box compared the massive room we're in now. Oh well, change is for the better - right? This place is closer to the high street, but still on a quiet street (HOORAY!). The place we're in now is on a major road to South West London and the fire station and ambulance is just down the road so we here sirens ALL the time. Also, with all the rain lately the traffic has been quiet noisy. I'm just trying to convince myself that this move will be a good thing!

On a happy note. Our land lord told us that he was going to take the sofa bed and 2 seater sofa from our flat and bring it to the dump on Saturday. So, we offered to try and sell it before then (even though he thought they weren't worth anything). ANNNNNNNND last night we sold them - for £120!!!! Our land lord will be thrilled! And really it's a good Thank You from us to him for letting us use his van tomorrow to move.

As for now - bring on the end of the day! We packed most of our books, computer stuff, etc last night. Pretty much all that's left to do is our clothing and shoes. We're HOPING that it will all fit in our many suitcases (especially since we are now completely out of boxes)!

And now - an experiment - I wonder if I can remember the names of all the flat mates who have passed through the third bedroom at oakhill court???

1. Suz & Craig (the aussies) we still keep in touch with Suz - she's great!
2. James & Amanda (new zealanders)
3. Mark & Claire (south african & new zealander - we miss them! great friends)
4. Mel & Justin (perth people)
5. Mike & Jen (more aussies) - fantastic friends - we miss them so much!
6. Debs (new zealander - great friend & fab flat mate!)

and of course Eva, Ben & Kat who all shared Richard's massive room at one point or another!

AH HA! I managed to find photos of everyone!!!!

Mo & Suz on a fun night out!

Mo, Amanda and our friend Steve who was visiting from Australia

Steve, Mo & James

Mo, Murray, Mark & Claire on their leaving night out!

The Oakhill Gang (from left) Mo, Murray, Mel, Eva, Justin & Ben

Mo & Mike at our friend Jocelyn's old flat

Jen & Murray waiting for a tube at Earl's Court

Monique & Kat

Murray and Debs

And of COURSE Richard - who will still be our flat mate at the new place! :)


At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Suze said...

Thanks for the mention! I really enjoyed my time at Oakhill Court and am proud to have been the first housemate!
Looking forward to seeing your new place - good luck with the move.

Suze xxx

At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Bill Belew said...

You have a very nice landlord! Looks like you all have fun wherever you go. Good luck with the move and don't forget to have fun with it all!

At 12:21 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Oh no! I can't believe AI was ruined for you!!!


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